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I'm getting back into the TinyMUX community after an absence of several years. I was comfortable working with advanced systems before I left off, and now that I'm back into the mindset I've far surpassed the ability I had before.

I am currently coding full time for St. Petersburg (an nWoD MUX). You are welcome to contact me there, but I am not engaged in policy, and think of myself more as a consultant. I also lurk at BrazilMUX and can occasionally be spotted on MPUG.

Current Projects include:

  • Writing a new global codebase in the tradition of SGP and MUX In A Minute. I'm planning a ton of feature extensions and improvements, with an emphasis on making it easier to just reskin code rather than completely rewriting it.
  • A rewrite of Myrddin's BBS to take advantage of new TinyMUX features and to add functionality. This includes both traditional add-ons such as +bbnext, but also completely new abilities like sticky posts, or staff flagging posts for later followup.
  • Extending the Anomaly +Jobs system.
  • nWoD Globals in connection with my wiz bit on StP.
  • A stat reference database to get basic information on given nWoD stats, merits, gifts, etc., and the books they appear in.

Planned Projects:

  • Building a MUX-In-A-Minute type system with code specifically for nWoD games.

I plan to make all of this publicly and freely available when it's completed. Code should be shared. No game should have to rewrite the same 25 systems every single time a new game opens. We should spend more time building quality games with good themes and a focus on strong plots, rather than having to reinvent the wheel.

Past Characters and a note on naming:

  • Obyron @ Aardwolf MUD (4 years as an admin on one of the largest remaining MUDs)
  • Diplomacy @ Memoir of Betrayal (briefly Code Wiz)
  • Dream @ Denver (Code Admin, Vampire Admin, Plot Admin)
  • Heydrich, AJ Cross, and Dmitri @ Masquerade
  • Kaylen @ MedNights

Those are the main ones. I've had a ton of others I don't remember, or that I only played briefly. I've never really used the name Soylent anywhere. I chose it arbitrarily to use for random projects, because I'm just some guy, not unlike Soylent Green.