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Below is a complete list of the templates that are currently in use on the wiki. These may be used to easily categorize information, point out things to users, and avoid duplication of wiki formatting code. Edit this page to see the example usage for each template. The call is where the actual curly brackets are, arguments are seperated by a pipe character.

Wiki badges

Do backlinks
40px-1sign48.jpg Do: some text
Fixme backlinks
40px-1sign46.jpg Fixme: some text
See backlinks
Eyes-lf.gif See Also: some text
Stub (topic) backlinks
Note backlinks
40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: some text
Tip backlinks
40px-Lightbulb.jpg Tip: some text
Warning backlinks
40px-Warning.gif Warning: some text


Flag backlinks 20px-Flag.gif SOMEFLAG(?)
Command backlinks Command.gif somecommand
Attribute backlinks Attrib.gif someattrib
Function backlinks 20px-Function.png someattrib