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CONFIG PARAMETER: helpfile <command> <pathname> DEFAULT: None

This configuration directive associates the in-game command, <command>, with a set of help topics contained in the file <pathname>.txt. By default, <command> has 'public' permissions, but this can be further restricted with the 'access' configuration directive.

The associated <command> will have one of the following forms:

 <command> <topic>
 <command> <topic wildcard pattern>

Unlike raw_helpfile, the associated helpfile <command> evaluates the <topic> before giving the result to the player. To avoid this evaluation, use the raw_helpfile configuration directive instead.

The default configuration file contains the following lines already, but the base server does not setup any help files (including help, wizhelp, or news). Therefore, make sure that your older configuration files contain at least the following lines:

 raw_helpfile help text/help
 raw_helpfile wizhelp text/wizhelp
 access wizhelp wizard

Also, in order for the help aliases in alias.conf to be setup properly, the three above lines must occur before alias.conf is included.

To prevent access to arbitrary files after the server has started, this configuration directive cannot be used by via @admin after the server has started.


  helpfile wiznews text/wiznews
  access wiznews wizard

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